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Kody’s Story

Kody’s Story

Kody is a beautiful, mahogany Belgian Tervuren. He comes to us from Woodlawn Hills in Illinois. Initially, he was to become our first terv. However, Chancellor fit what I thought was my requirements for a first terv and so Kody went to live with another couple. At eight months, Kody’s family was dealing with health issues, and Kody went back to the breeder in Illinois. This was good news to us and we were pleased that his breeder was gracious enough to send him "home" to us in the Pacific Northwest. Soon afterwards he was on a plane and on his way to Washington State. He would be just two-weeks older than Chancellor, so that meant two puppies to raise.

When Kody came to us he had demodectic mange, and was stressed due to his travels, and leaving his home and family. Even so his temperament never wavered, he was steady and sweet. I put him on a raw feeding diet immediately and the mange disappeared within three weeks. It has never returned.

Kody had little socialization with other dogs. He was a puller, jumper and wanderer, as well as a barker and chewer. He had a wonderful, sweet temperament. He is a dog that loves too much, if that makes sense. He wants to cuddle, be on your lap, and is eager to learn anything and everything. Julie Pierce, his breeder allowed us to have this "pick of the litter" boy. We have not looked back. His sister Macy, got her Championship early, and is now competing and titling in agility, while brother Vinnie, is on his way with two points toward his Championship. Kody Bear has three points. Looks like these two will be competing to see who gets their championships first. Kody also has two legs toward his RallyO title, RN, with last score of 95. He is in-training for agility. Read more about the Woodlawn Hills tervs.

My goal was impulse-control training using positive reward-based training only. This required him to relax, interact intelligently, make wise choices, bark according to my method of 3-bark rule and going into the show ring without pulling on lead and without getting overly excited by the other dogs. Kody's biggest challenge has been to ignore other dogs while working.

We've accomplished all of this and more with Tellington Touch Method of Training, Clicker Training, Conformation Classes, and positive dog interactions. Kody's talents have gotten him his CGC, his second leg toward his RN, three points toward his Championship and he loves disc work (Frisbee) and agility too. He passed his training for therapy dog work with "Love on a Leash" Pet Assisted Therapy and has worked with children's reading programs, clicker training demos, and is now also working with Alzheimer's patients. His future holds training as a crisis ambassador. He has a personality and nature that just screams "hug me". Kody IS Love on or off a leash. He is an inspiration to all who meet him.

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane Garrod during the past year (2004/2006) while she’s been in training to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

- Cindy Van Vleet

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