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Belgian Tervurens

These dogs are dear to my heart. Read all about the breed here.

A color wheel to choose an outfit as backdrop to showcase your show dog’s coloring.

American Belgian Tervuren Association

Breed Standard

Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club - Northern Washington



Keep up with Kody’s progress and all of Woodlawn Hills dogs here

Julie Pierce is Woodlawn
K Smokey Koyote (Kody Bear)’s breeder


Information on Anesthesia and Belgians

Diane is a great teacher as well as a trainer. She has knowledge of dog behavior and is also ’human friendly’ so she communicates well with both! Diane always seems happy to see my dog.

- C.J. and Ponder
Clinton, Washington

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Jai<br />Langley, Washington

Langley, Washington

Jai is actually a very sweet fellow. His human has had him since he was 8 weeks old. He was a puppy rescue and found on the roadside.

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Prepare Your Dog To Learn Better

Get into a Routine

Preparing a dog to learn is established by creating a routine.

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