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Belgian Tervurens

These dogs are dear to my heart. Read all about the breed here.

A color wheel to choose an outfit as backdrop to showcase your show dog’s coloring.

American Belgian Tervuren Association

Breed Standard

Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club - Northern Washington



Keep up with Kody’s progress and all of Woodlawn Hills dogs here

Julie Pierce is Woodlawn
K Smokey Koyote (Kody Bear)’s breeder


Information on Anesthesia and Belgians

After TTouch, I have been able to take Chelsea back to the dog park with comments from friends (who have no idea that we are practicing Ttouch on her) that she has mellowed, become accepting of all dogs.

- W.K.
Langley, Washington

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Leo<br />Langley, Washington

Langley, Washington

Leo loves to run and be outdoors. What is wonderful about him is that he is playful, loves to romp with small dogs, and loves his owner’s attention.

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Prepare Your Dog To Learn Better

Get into a Routine

Preparing a dog to learn is established by creating a routine.

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