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Langley, Washington
German Shepherd - female
5 years old

After TTouch, I have been able to take Chelsea back to the dog park with comments from friends (who have no idea that we are practicing Ttouch on her) that she has mellowed, become accepting of all dogs. She did start to bully one shy dog recently, but it was so mild it bordered on play. The really HUGE improvement is dogs coming onto our property. Strange dogs and friend’s dogs have been able to run over the whole place inside and out, drink with her at the same time, walk over the area where she eats. All of these things would have caused a terrible incident before. She also has become motherly with our new puppy, something she never did with our previous dog.

Ponder<br />Clinton, Washington

Clinton, Washington

A high level dog reactive canine, this girl exhibited freeze and charging behaviors, and to top it all off wasn’t always friendly or welcoming to humans in certain situations.

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How To Stop Play Biting and Nipping

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