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W.K. - Langley

Langley, WA
Standard Poodle - male
14 weeks old (today 1.5 years old)

The results of Ttouch has been Oliver’s acceptance of older puppies and adult dogs and wonderful improvements on the grooming table, which is so much of a poodle’s life. Before I started doing Ttouches at grooming time, Oliver would bit the brush or anything in my hand, panic and squirm, and hated having his toes handled. Now he sits after TTouch and looks me in the eye, lifting his leg for under arm brushing (a big thing), letting me clip sensitive areas like the bottom of his feet and his face, run the clippers over his entire body, dry him with the hair dryer, handle the inside of his ears. All very good. I’m hoping Ttouch will continue building a bond between us and help with any behavior problems he may have. Thank you Diane.

Christopher<br />Arlington, Washington

Arlington, Washington

His owners adopted Christopher at 3 years of age. He was turned into a shelter because the previous family couldn’t afford to feed him and he wouldn’t stop chasing farm animals.

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How To Stop Play Biting and Nipping

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