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Coupeville, WA
5 years old
Dingo mix, male, neutered

I have learned so much about dogs from Diane. It is amazing what you can do with your dog, if you can understand how a he/she learns. Through Ttouch, knowledge of Canine Body Language and calming signals (which I have learned from my lessons with Diane), I am more in tune with how my dog is responding to his environment. The handling skills Diane taught me has helped me avoid situations that could trigger him to have an aggressive reaction to another dog. It is amazing to me how quickly my dog learns using clicker training. It takes the frustration out of the training process and makes it fun for both Ranger and me. Positive training really does work and seeing Diane work with dogs is proof. Her detailed lesson plans are an invaluable tool not only for the immediate training goal but to use as reference later.

Lucca<br />Clinton, Washington

Clinton, Washington

Description of Behavior
Lucca has been a part of the family since puppyhood. He developed obsessive compulsive behaviors that were becoming quite distressful to his family.

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Prepare Your Dog To Learn Better

Get into a Routine

Preparing a dog to learn is established by creating a routine.

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