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D. Ayers

Bellingham, WA
65lb. Lab/Shepherd Mix
3 yrs. Old

Belle is our 65lb. Lab/Shepherd Mix now 3 yrs. Old. My daughter brought her home to us when she was 5 months old. We had her off leash for awhile, but within a few months she was going up to people and barking at them and also lunging towards other dogs. Her behavior towards people and dogs was unreliable. She also pulled hard on walks, making them no fun.

She was always anxious. We called various trainers and settled on Diane because she was the only one we could find that addressed our needs for behavior modification in Belle. If we hadn't found Diane, we probably would have given Belle to the shelter.

Her private and group lessons were helpful to our situation and focused on what Belle needed at the time. She was always well-prepared and focused during the lessons. For group lessons, she set up many contexts for the dogs and the handlers so we could get used to handling real life situations. Diane has shown us lots of tools to use to train Belle. She is very creative in how she teaches.

After the lessons, I received detailed instructions on what to work on. If at any time I wasn't clear on what needed to be done, Diane always answered my questions by e-mail promptly.

Diane is a teacher for dogs, but more importantly their handlers. She loves dogs and cares about the people too. She taught us how to manage our dog and help her learn. Belle is a much calmer dog, thanks to TTouch and lessons. Walking is much more pleasant now and we enjoy having Belle with us. Thank you Diane!

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