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4 years old at beginning of training
Pointer Mix
Reactive: dog to dog and dog human – high level – in process

His owners adopted Christopher at 3 years of age. He was turned into a shelter because the previous family couldn’t afford to feed him and he wouldn’t stop chasing farm animals.

Christopher had poor socialization and was reactive to seeing other dogs and humans, even at over 75 feet away. His owners tried an obedience class (not a cTLC class), but Christopher kept barking at the other dogs, sometimes lunging at them. The first behaviors we addressed were the barking and lunging behavior, specifically other dogs when on leash - leash aggression.

Reactions today have diminished greatly and Christopher is able to calm himself, be attentive, stay focused and remain calm with a dog present at 5 away. He is starting intermediate level familiarization and socialization. He has had two off lead controlled play sessions in a controlled setting with a teacher dog. Christopher has started real life training around multiple stimuli, such as a cat, two dogs, and two people present, children, families, talking loudly, ducks and more. As he becomes more sure of himself, increases his skills, and his body comes into balance most of the other bad behaviors are diminishing and going away entirely. His owners have noticed Christopher is more responsive to their cues, such as coming when called off lead. He is able to meet and greet strange people more readily and his entire body language has become softer, more in balance. Christopher has decreased fence barking as people walk by his home.

His owner says: "Christopher is more tuned in to us in low-distraction environments. Even when he reacts the time he’s "out of his mind" is less. You are a wonderful, patient instructor. You are very good at explaining what needs to be done and how to do it. Christopher and I are so thankful to have found you."

Customized Learning Plan: Private Dog dog and dog human reactive learning sessions, a process to desensitize his reactivity due to the stimuli of other dogs and/or humans so he does not react. Tellington Touch Method of Training to include bodywork, leading exercises, and higher learning coursework. Clicker training

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane Garrod during the past year (2004/2006) while she’s been in training to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

- Cindy Van Vleet

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