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5 years old
Dingo mix, male, neutered
High Level Prey Drive (Predator, Predatory Drift),Wanderer, Mild Dog to Do

Adopted at age 3, Ranger worked his way into the heart of Rebeccas family as a WAIF (Whidbey Island Shelter, Washington) rescue. He had actually been found wandering around Hawaii, worked his way to the states with another family, and then was found wandering around Whidbey Island. Ranger is street-wise.

Description of Behavior
Ranger has mild dog to dog reactivity, especially with dogs who appear to challenge him, staring, posturing dogs and dogs who may be weaker. Since he is street-wise he has strong prey drive and predator tendencies, as he may have had to survive on his own for some time. With this comes a tendency to be a wanderer, so high-level management and supervision were required. Even so, he was from time to time able to jump out and simply dodge out doorways and down the street for hours at a time.

Owner's Goal(s)
At first, it was very clear that Rangers top aversive motivator was DOGS in general and specifically where size and type are concerned. His reactions to people were very friendly and better manners were just the order of the day. The second concern was DOGS and ENCLOSED SPACES (small fenced enclosures; multiple dogs in small enclosures; and leashed in small space proximity). Why? Because Ranger cant escape this caused him a lot of stress and was more reason for Rebecca to provide controlled management when in these situations. Over stimulation in small spaces or on lead was to be entirely avoided. CONTROLLED step-by-step work in small spaces helped him overcome most of these issues.

As with all dogs, goals change over time. Rangers new streamlined goals are to work on approaches, coming through milling dogs coupled with doesnt care if other dogs are approaching, and emergency recall.

Behavior Modification and Training Strategy chosen >
From the beginning Ranger started with non-confrontational training clicker and reward-based strategies. It is amazing to me how quickly my dog learns using clicker training. It takes the frustration out of the training process and makes it fun for both my dog and me. Positive training really does work and seeing Diane work with dogs is proof. Rebecca

He was started on a desensitization and counter conditioning system designed to work on dog dog challenges. Focuses and strategies grew as his skills became stronger and his progresses lengthened. The meeting and greeting of people and dogs, as well as controlled play sequences with other dogs, impulse control strategies and ongoing prey drive and wandering training. His owner says, It is amazing what you can do with your dog, if you can understand how a he/she learns. Through Ttouch, knowledge of Canine Body Language and calming signals (which I have learned from my lessons with Diane), I am more in tune with how my dog is responding to his environment. . The handling skills Diane taught me has helped me avoid situations that could trigger him to have an aggressive reaction to another dog. Rebecca

The Effect
Today Ranger has a dog walker and goes to his favorite dog park. His dog play has improved incrementally. His coming when called skills are much stronger and his wandering days are over. With Tellington Touch Method of Training, and the fusion of Clicker Training his owners have a powerful system in place to avoid future conflicts. Ranger is now increasing his skill level, has successfully completely Level 3 Reactive Dog Classes and has even been a teacher dog for other dog dog challenged dogs and their owners. Ranger is a true success story, who now has doggie friends and a wonderful relationship with all in his family.

"I have learned so much about dogs from Diane. Her detailed lesson plans are an invaluable tool not only for the immediate training goal but to use as reference later." Rebecca.

Ranger graduated from Peaceful Transformations Class Level 3 (for reactive/aggressive dogs) in June 2008. He graduated with honors in this final level and will now be a teacher dog. As a part of this class, students completed the class by attending a two-day workshop presented by Kathy Cascade, S.A.N.E. Solutions for Extreme Dog Behavior. Ranger complete the workshop with flying colors! Congratulations!!!

Diane clearly loves working with dogs and has enthusiasm to face challenges and to help other dog owners find the strength and the commitment to do so as well.

- Jennifer White

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