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7 years old at beginning of training
Heeler / Lab Mix
Reactive: dog to dog – high level

A high level dog reactive canine, this girl exhibited freeze and charging behaviors, and to top it all off wasn’t always friendly or welcoming to humans in certain situations. Having a high prey drive she needed to learn to calm herself, to focus on her owner. to make good decisions through conscious self-control exercises and to be desensitized and counter conditioned to other dogs and outside stimuli. Initially, her owner was frustrated and unsure of what direction to take whether that be re-homing the dog, returning her to the shelter, or worse yet resorting to traditional training methods and punishment. Today "P" is a different dog because of positive-only training methods. People who knew her as a young dog comment that she is so much calmer. She has improved dramatically in her interactions with other dogs and continues to progress with a long history of now of positive dog dog interactions. Her reactivity to people has improved to 90% reliability and she has learned to make good decisions when stimuli such as rabbits, chipmunks, chickens, and coyotes are present. She has quit barking just to hear herself bark and her body language and demeanor show a calm, focused attitude. Her owner has learned new skills to better communicate with her canine and ultimately they have a better relationship as a result. Her owner says "You have provided us with so many new tools and ways of relating – I love it!"

Customized Learning Plan: Tellington Touch Method of Training to include bodywork, leading exercises, and higher learning coursework. Private reactive dog to dog classes. Clicker training and cues mastery. Owner learning plan.

Diane clearly loves working with dogs and has enthusiasm to face challenges and to help other dog owners find the strength and the commitment to do so as well.

- Jennifer White

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