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4.5 years old at beginning of training
German Shepherd / Lab Mix
High chase prey drive – ensuing wandering, going outside of boundary

Leo loves to run and be outdoors. What is wonderful about him is that he is playful, loves to romp with small dogs, and loves his owner’s attention. He is happiest after his evening meal when he will play with a stuffed toy and then crash on the floor. He loves having his belly rubbed. And loves to be out either walking in woods or the beach running and playing in the water. He will catch and return a stick or tennis ball. So what is Leo’s challenge? He sounds like a normal 4 1/2 year old, with normal doggie behaviors.

Leo had no self-control. His owner wanted to diminish his chasing activity and get the chasing under control. Leo chased anything that moved, joggers, bunnies, mice, deer, cars, even other dogs if given the chance.

After a 12-week customized learning plan and sessions, Leo was able to come away from two bunnies just yards away on an off lead trail walk in a high distraction wooded area. This was the final proofing ground of his progressive learning, an off lead proofing. Leo’s journey to this moment started to be seen within three weeks: "The changes I’ve seen so far in Leo are more than I expected in the three weeks. Can’t wait for more changes. Many thanks."

Leo and his human learned alternatives to chasing, guidance techniques, self-control techniques, counter conditioning, desensitization work, and how to be calm and relaxed before going out on the trails. Canine Transformations worked with Leo and his human until it was natural for them to do the work and they were ready with any stimuli that might come up. This, in addition, to a customized territorial training plan has made Leo more reliable and trustworthy.

Customized Learning Plan: Guidance techniques; Tellington Touch Method of Training to include bodywork, leading exercises, and higher learning coursework. Private Clicker training and cues mastery; trail work and territorial training; stimuli desensitization and counter conditioning.

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane Garrod during the past year (2004/2006) while she’s been in training to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

- Cindy Van Vleet

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