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7 years old at beginning of training
Flat Coated Retriever
Reactive: dog to dog – low level – graduate
Owner educatio

Jai is actually a very sweet fellow. His human has had him since he was 8 weeks old. He was a puppy rescue and found on the roadside.

An important part of any behavioral training system is owner education. Jai had growled, and snapped at quite a few dogs, leaving his owner wary of other dogs and trying to avoid them at all costs. It is a common fear that either our dog will hurt the other dog or that our dog will be hurt by another dog.

Seeking help from Canine Transformations, Jai’s owner sought to learn real life techniques for herself, to learn calming signals, to read dog body language, and to do TTouch bodywork, and higher learning coursework.

Jai had mild posturing, freezing activity with in-tact male dogs and rambunctious dogs, male or female.

Within three weeks, Jai was playing successfully with other dogs at a doggie daycare. He goes there at least once a week to this day. Within seven weeks, Jai’s owner had learned new techniques, had new tools to use, and a new outlook on how not only to read other dogs, but to read Jai’s body language and other dog owners' body language. She had met her goal of trusting herself with Jai around other dogs.

Owner’s comments from evaluation form were as follows: "When at the vet with another dog there, I realized I had tools to use in another real life situation. I was so happy! I feel really supported and positive by Diane and her training. Thank you immeasurably!" Today both are calmer, able to handle walks around other dogs, and continue to grow as a team.

Customized Learning Plan: Private three sessions Dog dog reactive learning sessions, and four more owner only educational sessions, Tellington Touch Method of Training to include bodywork, and higher learning coursework

Thank you so much for your outstanding teaching. The homework plans are very thorough. I know you must spend a lot of time personalizing them.

- J.V.

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